Cat Health Experience

by Deambarino Birman cats
Welcome to my Cat health experience
As a registered Birman breeder, I have experienced many things since my first cat came into my family and in my time as a cat breeder. Some experiences I would like to share here on this website, with the hope that it may be helpful to others.

As a cat breeder I have been constantly dismayed at the amount of disinformation that appears on the internet. This website is my way of trying to help people with their cats and kittens in an open and honest way. Information is only ever published on my Website if I personally experienced it and/or have a trustfully source of information.

I will also be publishing quality cat articles and link to studies and information from other sources, that I think will be of value to cat owners.

However, BEFORE you go any further, you need to know that I am a big believer in natural holistic treatments of any disease in animals and people. Therefore you will not find positive recommendations on Allopathy or cat vaccination schedules etc. What you will find is a host of information for people who want to learn how to keep a cat or a kitten in a much more natural way. Working with Homeopathy for over 30 years and Colloidal Silver for another 10 year has helped to avoid Antibiotics most of the time and other chemical treatments. I have gained extensive knowlegde about Chlorine dioxide, DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), Artemisia annua and more during the PLANdemic and implement that now to the cats treatment plan if necessary.

You also need to know that I am not a professional at all. I am not a veterinarian, nor a homeopath nor any other type health care professional. I am simply a cat breeder who has done a massive amount of research over a great number of years. Therefore, any information you read here on my website needs to be judged by you and researched thoroughly prior to undertaking any changes yourself.

Please ask any questions you may have in the "leave comment" field at the bottom of any relevant page. I will do my best to reply to these messages in a reasonable amount of time. However, please remember any of my replies are NOT to be taken as professional advice in any way. If you have a serious problem with a kitten or cat, you must seek professional help.

Thanks so much for visiting, and please - if you like my Cat Health website and feel it is of value, would you kindly take the time to bookmark and share this website, so it may be of benefit to other cat owners.

Warm regards and many purrs
Claudia Frank - Deambarino Birmans