FIP - Feline infectious peritonitis

by Deambarino Birman cats
FIP - Feline infectious peritonitis
As I am aware of, that there are many articles about FIP out there, I still feel the need to write about my experience with this deadly disease and hope I can help someone else further with my experience.

How does FIP develop and how are breeder impacted from this kind of deadly disease? This question I have asked myself the first time in 2002.
I had discussions with many breeders of other breeds and read many articles about this topic.

In July 2020, our Raffi arrived in our home at the age of 3.5 month. 3 days later he started with an URI, watery eyes, sneezing and snodding. After several weeks of treating with Colloidal Silver we switched to Chlorine Dioxide and got finally rid of it after 3 month.

Only one month later, we noticed one day he was not the same mischievous little guy anymore. He had high fever, didn't want to eat, lost weight and was lethargic. We waited some days to see if the fever will dissolve but it did not. We treated him every day with fluid and force feeded him to prevent the organs to shut down.

Raffis FIP pee

He started to pee orange in his bed and peed on my husband. The Vet drew blood and an ultrasound showed he had one enlarged kidney. The bloodwork showed clear signs of FIP and by the time the results came back, Raffi had already a neurological impact.
Raffis pee in his bed

Our new Vet had himself a FIP kitty some years ago and he recommended the FIP Warriors 5.0 Facebook Group.

We made this video on the day of diagnosis and you can see the neurological impact. He was walking back to lay in his kennel after we applied some IV Fluid to keep him hydrated. This video was shared with a FIP Warrior admin from the Facebook group and I was almost instantly connected to the area chat to obtain an emergency vial to start the treatment. Next day Raffi and we accepted the journey of life and he received his first dose.

Raffi on death's door

We took each day by day, one step at a time. We thought this journey would never end. The first week went by with treatment, and Raffi started to eat on his own again. The first 6 weeks we could distract him with Churu treats while giving him his daily hurtfull shot. After the 6 weeks he didn't like Churu anymore and tried every day something else until the 84 days of shots were over.

Then the observation phase begun with another 84 days. He already matured and was running after our girls in heat.

Since Spaying/Neutering can also cause stress on a sick FIP kitty, we had to postpone the neutering and separated him from our girls during the heat phase. Raffi was declared cured in May 2021 and neutered 3 weeks later.

And this is Raffi today, the same mischievous little guy as before.
Raffi in November 2021

I have translated all the infos I have gathered 20 years ago from other breeders about FIP and posted everything in my Holistic Kitty Forum